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Saturday, December 13, 2008

It was the culmination of a year of hard work for young men & women from all around the Metroplex. They had given it their all; memorizing the Fellowship of the Unashamed” doing their required book work, but most of all…developing their character on a scale that the world is not familiar, all for the Glory of God.
There to honor them was the Mayor of Rowlett, Dr. John Harper, a man of integrity and honor. Dr. Rosbure delivered a proclaimation from Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and the Dallas City Council proclaiming Dec. 6th, Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor day in Dallas, TX, and over 350 others including Pastors, teachers, leaders, friends, and family. We commissioned over 30 young men in a ceremony paralleling that of a medieval knighting ceremony. We were commissioning young lions! One of our guests, Jack King, who worked with Dr. Cole wrote the following:
“I have had the privilege of commissioning men all over the world, but there is nothing I have enjoyed more than commissioning 37 young men, ten to sixteen years old, last Saturday night at the Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor Banquet with Tony & Melissa Rorie.I believe what Tony Rorie is doing in schools, churches and recreation centers across north Texas is finally the fruition of Edwin Cole's "Timothy Project." Discipling young men with the young men's curriculum.These young men not only learn and live the "Coleisms" but have brought another level of maturity as young men to the place they live and learn daily in school. Yes they state the axiom that "Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous." But they also declare that "I do right because it's the right thing to do." "If there is no man, I will be that man."How refreshing is it to see young men run to a door to open it for a young lady. Or more refreshing is when they go through the rites of passage and ask God to help them walk a path of sexual pureness. Yet the moment that brought tears to every man and woman's eyes Saturday night was when one young man (boy) ten years old, began to confess how rebellious he had been toward authority including his parents but God had touched and changed his heart. He wept as he shared what God had done and Tony stood there with his arms around him as only a man with the heart of the Father could do, until he regained his composure and finished testifying. There are full grown adult men that cant, don't and won't get in front of people to tell what God has done in their lives. Yet parents came to the microphone to thank Tony and Melissa for their ministry to their sons and daughters.
The Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor is teaching and ministering the character and integrity of God that somehow has been lost to this younger generation.These are the types of ministries that need our support, financially and prayerfully. “
This morning I thanked The Father for allowing me to be a part of such a great ministry that will one day change the world, and to be a part of such a great group of people as yourself. We love you and Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas! Get ready for great things to come in 2009!