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Friday, October 24, 2014

What African Ebola Taught Me

What African Ebola Taught Me

I've just recently returned from Africa, where we visited six cities and two different countries. At each airport we landed, we were asked multiple questions about our exposure to certain high risk areas for Ebola. We were scanned with temperature sensitive equipment and examined by agents.

Ebola had broken out in the states, but not yet in the areas we visited. 

We were warned by family and friends about the dangers of the deadly disease and many family members were very nervous about our going to Africa amid news reports of ebola outbreak.

On our return, I noticed that the moment I shared that we were in Africa, almost everyone took a step back, wiped their hand on their shirt (the one they had just used to shake mine) and asked "Which part of Africa?"

I always smile and say, "not that part."

But I saw something more deadly than ebola in Africa and the sad part is, it was already here in the US as well.

78% of Americans under the age of 15 already have it.

85% of the men in prison already have it.

If you have it, you are 3 times more likely to die - by suicide. 

If you are a child and the majority are; you are 4 times more likely to drop out of school, and 4 times more likely to have severe behavioral disorders.

It already cost the US taxpayer billions to incarcerate and rehabilitate these infected.

It is an epidemic more deadly, more costly, and more widespread than Ebola could ever become.

But the good news is, its easily cured. The epidemic is Fatherlessness and the answer is Fathering. 

When a young man is fathered by a strong and capable male mentor, the epidemic stops. We have seen it countless times. Its a simple yet profound cure. A little love and attention, instruction, and affirmation can change the tide.

When a young lady is told that she is beautiful and she has worth beyond measure, she will begin to radiate with strength and confidence. When she is taught the definition of her feminine strength, she will become a leader.

This epidemic will only become worse unless we identify and get involved in outreach to these youth. The symptoms are clear and evident in youth without fathers. 

This epidemic is far more deadly and widespread than ebola. The time to act is now.

Great organizations like the Men & Ladies of Honor ( are spear-heading great outreach efforts and seeing tremendous results. Get involved by volunteering, praying, or supporting financially. You can make a huge difference in the life of one that has been infected.