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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Spartan Path to God - An Excerpt from the New Release by Tony Rorie

The Spartan Path to God:

As fuel is to combustion, so holiness is to fulfilling purpose. Without a deep driven desire to maintain personal holiness, you will never accomplish the task for which you were created. A cleaner engine runs better. The love of God is not realized without being able to first fear God. The fear of the Lord is a prerequisite to receiving the deep places of God, the intimate friendship out of which comes a level of communion where the secret things in God are revealed.

You cannot experience the power of God without an understanding that salvation is free, but to walk in the favor of God, will cost you. Time spent seeking Him with your whole heart, time spent battling and winning against your flesh in temptation struggles where you adamantly scream “no.” I’m not talking about matters of legalism, I’m talking about, how bad do you want to walk blameless before the Lord.

In areas of gray, lurk the enemies of greatness. The difference between great and mediocre men lie in small compromises. There is Holy Spirit power to walk above these, but only in proportion to our hunger for holiness. “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for holiness, for they shall be filled.”

It is the good vs. great decisions that a man must make in order to be one in which God is not disappointed.

The message of greasy-grace will not tread water here.

Sloppy Agape creates losers.

God loves each man, but to the select few who demand and struggle for His blessing, there is a special place. A place reserved for these VIP’s, a place of friendship, intimacy, power and favor.

Some practical tools to beginning the Spartan Path to God:

1. Journal your daily focus, triumphs, failures, thoughts and plans. This, even with a few lines, can help you to stay on task to walk the higher ground.

2. Make holiness your goal. Understand that others may, but you may not when it comes to matters such as drinking, lusting, coarse joking, idle communication.

3. Invite conviction: Ask the Holy Spirit to shine the light of His Spirit into every dark recess, revealing the small areas that need cleansing and forsaking. He desires this more than you. Come in faith realizing that this path will bring a smile to the Father’s face.

4. As much as you confess out sin, confess in righteousness. The enemy delights in keeping you pinned down the sin that you have already repented of. Shake it off and tell the devil to go to hell.

5. Turn off your TV.

6. Turn off your TV.

7. Turn off your TV.

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Shelley said...

Amen to it all--I'm confessing in righteousness and greatness, today! Of course, there is no greatness outside of God!!